Buy It, Use It, Break It, Fix It

I was browsing Coyne PR’s blog today when I came across an interesting New York Times article about the dangers of technology overload and how it’s taking over our lives.  Even though the piece was very insightful, can I say duh?  You don’t  have to be a fancy New York Times reporter to know that the people-technology combo has become the ultimate fatal attraction.  We put TVs in our cars, carry laptops at all times, and our smart phones are never more than an armslength away.  We eat through iPods like a pair of two for $5 flip flops from Old Navy, matching them to every outfit and occassion.  Hell, we’re one step away from attaching monitors inside the womb so that our unborn shrimp-like fetuses can watch the cultural wonders of “Jersey Shore.”  

Can you tell I love to exaggerate?

Even though the focus of the article was on adults and how they are freakishly attached to their various devices (don’t make it dirty), the realization that children are more obsessed with technology was by far much worse.  For example, the featured couple in the article, the Campbells, have an 8-year-old daughter who not only has her own laptop, but an iPod Touch and a portable DVD player.  What is an 8-year-old doing with thousands of dollars worth of technology?  If she can’t even spell computer, then it doesn’t seem right that she has one, no?  Maybe it’s not my place to say since I’m not a parent, but for God’s sake give the kid a $5 pack of Silly Bandz, a more price-appropriate toy by far, and have her play outside and maybe even — dare I say it — read.  Gasp!


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