Vampire Overload

While I was reading the Daily Orange article that initiated the post below, I saw this ad for a new perfume.  Guess what it’s called?  Vampire.  Yeah, a small part of me just died too.

Can we chill a little with the vampire obsession, please?  I mean I can admit I was a huge “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan back in the day, but that’s no where in comparison to the vampire frenzy of 2010.  First, there’s the whole “Twilight” series.  Both the books and the movies are terrible.  If Stephenie Meyer used the word “ochre” to describe Edward’s eyes one more time, I might have burned that book in a satanic ritual for my sanity.  There’s also “True Blood” on HBO, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Moonlight” on the CW…the list goes on.  

To make matters worse, now claims that Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward (and Cedric Diggory from “Harry Potter,” remember that?), is ACTUALLY related to vampires.  Oy vey.  As if crazed fans needed the line between fact and fiction to be blurred further for their delusions.  When will the madness end?


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