I Spy With My Little Eye…

Spies?  Living among us as everyday, humdrum suburbanites? 

“They couldn’t have been spies.  Look what she did with the hydrangeas.”  

Yes, that is an actual quote from a neighbor of one of the spies.  With that type of full-proof logic, it’s a wonder how we ever managed to catch these guys in the first place.  (Hint: For all of you aspiring spies out there, get a green thumb first.  They’ll never see you coming, apparently.)   

But some things just don’t seem to add up.  According to the FBI, the accused did not send any classified information back to Moscow.  They aren’t even being charged with espionage.  And all who knew the alleged spies have nothing bad to say about them.  They were nothing short of upstanding people who made great parents and neighbors.  That’s better than the average American can claim. 

So why all the media attention?  Maybe people just want to show off how many espionage references they can make in one sentence?  I’ve heard everything from James Bond and Jason Bourne to crime novelist John Le Carre.  Or maybe they want to take a break from all the BP bashing and focus on something new?  I mean, Anna Chapman is much easier on the eyes than a flock of oil-covered pelicans.

Or maybe it’s just all a hyped-up promotion for the new upcoming movie, “Despicable Me”?  I see some parallels…Russian accent, good dad, failed attempts at being a villain…lol


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