Artsy Fartsy

I recently got a chance to revisit one of my favorite museums of all time, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in none other than New York City. 

Walking along the winding corridors brought back all sorts of memories from when I first visited the Met with my 7th grade class to my subsequent visits with friends during college breaks.  This particular occasion, however, was special because I got to go with my mom.  She loves anthropological, artsy fartsy stuff, but has never been to the Met before, so it was fun to see her study, admire and comment on every little item the Met displayed, stuff I usually whiz by.

From the signature metal buttons to the rooftop garden overlooking Central Park to the ill-placed Egyptian temple that always eludes me, I love everything about this place. 

Next stop on the mom+daughter summer adventure series?  The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  That’s where her favorite painting of all time, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, is located.


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