Wanted Dead or Alive

This is 91-year-old Jean Stevens.  She may seem like your typical sweet grandma that does nothing but bake cookies and play bingo everyday, but this senior citizen was found hiding a secret for the last decade: her husband.  After he died in 1999, Jean had the body dug up and stored at her house!  He was laid out on a couch and she would talk to him, touch him, etc. as if nothing had happened.  How creepy is that?!

A part of me understands why she did it though.  He was her husband for the last 60 years and she’s lonely.  I mean, if she had family or friends that visited and such, then obviously she couldn’t have hidden the body for so long and probably wouldn’t have felt the need to. 

At the same time, I am creeped out beyond understanding.  This is worse than when I watched “Identity” for the first time, and that movie had me skittish for days.  “But Minhee, I thought you understood the old woman’s my-heart-will-go-on scenario?”  Yeah, rhetorical mystery voice, I did until the part of the story that says Jean recently had her sister’s body dug up and stored in her house too.  And not just any sister, but her TWIN sister.  So basically, Jean has a rotting corpse that looks exactly like her just chilling on the couch…alongside her dead husband.  Definitely the most morbid game of house played in all time.


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  1. WOW poor lady, she must’ve been so lonely

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