Travel Tweets

I got so caught up in the social media windstorm about how tweets can be informative or great for customer relations that I completely forgot how utterly entertaining they can be as well.  Here are some of my favorites from CNN’s article, “25 Hilarious Travel Tweets.”

1. “Thanks TSA, I haven’t been touched like that since prom night.”

2. “Guy next to me on the plane woke up and is wiping the drool off his shirt.  Now may be a good time to tell him I drooled all over his shirt.”

3. “Overheard on Greyhound, mother to crying toddler: ‘Why are you crying? You want your Nintendo? You want some fries?’ Double sigh.”

4. “English translation of animal crackers at a Hong Kong supermarket: ‘Biscuit-shaped animals.’ Something got lost in translation.”

Note to self: Must tweet like crazy on my next adventure 🙂


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