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I loved reading “My Sister’s Keeper” so I had to check out Jodi Picoult’s latest novel, “House Rules.”  So far, it’s pretty solid.  My only complaint is that there seems to be several similarities between this book and “My Sister’s Keeper,” almost a formula of sorts.  First, the whole one sibling has an illness thing while the other suffers quietly because of it in a cycle of resentment and guilt.  Second, the involvement of a lawyer who has a dog.  Third, the self-deprecating mother who’s on the breaking point.  Maybe these three elements lead to an instant New York Times Bestseller?  I know your secret now, Ms. Picoult. 

It’s always been one of my top bucket list goals to write a novel and see it being sold at a Barnes & Nobles (yes, that’s how I measure the success of a book) so I’ll have to remember to use this literary trifecta the next time I’m in the mood to write 🙂


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