Bieber’s Revenge

I’m not exactly raging with ‘Bieber Fever,’ but you got to hand it to the prepubescent man-child; he is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to the world of Twitter.  In fact, ‘Justin Bieber’ had been lodged firmly on the trending list for so long that Twitter actually changed its formula.  Now, instead of what trending topics have been popular in the long run, the updated algorithm measures what topics are popular at the moment. 

But that doesn’t even compare with Bieber’s latest Twitter stunt: unleashing his rabid fan base on his enemies.

When Kevin Kristopik somehow managed to get Bieber’s cell number and sent him a slew of unwanted messages, Bieber retaliated by posting Kevin’s number in a tweet to his fans, urging them to contact him.  Within a few hours, Kevin received 26,000 text messages and tons of calls to the point that he had no choice but to cancel his phone plan.  

Luckily for Kevin, Bieber’s millions of fans are mostly middle school students and can wield nothing more menacing than a cell phone.  It’s going to be a scary world when they grow up and have cars at their disposal, ready and willing to obey Bieber’s every command.


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