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Korea’s Kimchi Crisis

Ah, kimchi.  Just saying it can make my mouth go into drool mode.  It might not seem so delicious to those who’ve never tried it, especially when you read the English translation on most menus as “spicy fermented cabbage,” but this simple dish is a staple in Korean cuisine.  My mom ALWAYS includes kimchi with every meal whether we’re eating actual Korean food or going American and enjoying a nice pizza or plate of spaghetti.  She even brings out the kimchi at Thanksgiving.  It’s that crucial.

So imagine the utter panic that would ensue should there be a kimchi shortage?  Koreans dared not think of such a cruel world, but alas, it has happened in the motherland.  Torrential rain ruined this year’s Napa cabbage crop and essentially shot the price of kimchi’s core ingredient from $4 a head to $14 a head — a 350 percent increase, according to Time magazine.

Kimchi, which some are now calling keum-chi (the first syllable meaning “gold” in Korean), has become so expensive that the government has begun to ration it and has frozen tariffs on Chinese cabbage in order to help the price stabilize.

I knew Koreans loved food, but I had no idea that missing one side dish could lead to disaster.  Good thing our greatest enemy, Kim Jong Il, is also Korean, so he can’t use this kimchi-krptonite of sorts against us.


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Intense Quote

“The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”            

– 2009 Rolling Stone article about Goldman Sachs

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I’m Lovin’ It

I just saw this clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  When you gotta have McNuggets, you gotta have McNuggets apparently.  Best part?  Seeing the drive-thru attendant giving the next customer his order as if nothing happened.  Now that’s customer service.

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Facebook From Beyond The Grave

I go on Facebook nearly everyday as do many of its other 500 million users.  But I never gave much thought to a sensitive issue that Facebook deals with on a daily basis — death.  What is Facebook — as both a fun-loving, social phenomenon as well as a serious, multi-billion dollar business — supposed to do with deceased user accounts? 

According to a recent New York Times article, Facebook used to simply delete such accounts, but after the Virginia Tech shooting, people wanted to keep these walls active to memorialize their loved ones forever in cyberspace. 

The problem is that Facebook’s flawed social algorithm, from time to time, suggests users reconnect with someone from beyond the grave — managing to creep people out or even offend them as they mourn.  And with more than 350,000 Facebook users for every Facebook employee, there seems to be no practical means of scanning profiles for deceased users as of yet. 

Regardless of this one flaw in the system, I must admit that I do find it all rather comforting.  In fact, I still look up a SU classmate that has since passed away and it’s heartwarming to read all of the messages and pictures people have posted and continue to post on her Facebook profile.  I’m sure her parents find encouragement in seeing that their daughter was well loved and will be dearly missed.  May she rest in peace.

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Travel Tweets

I got so caught up in the social media windstorm about how tweets can be informative or great for customer relations that I completely forgot how utterly entertaining they can be as well.  Here are some of my favorites from CNN’s article, “25 Hilarious Travel Tweets.”

1. “Thanks TSA, I haven’t been touched like that since prom night.”

2. “Guy next to me on the plane woke up and is wiping the drool off his shirt.  Now may be a good time to tell him I drooled all over his shirt.”

3. “Overheard on Greyhound, mother to crying toddler: ‘Why are you crying? You want your Nintendo? You want some fries?’ Double sigh.”

4. “English translation of animal crackers at a Hong Kong supermarket: ‘Biscuit-shaped animals.’ Something got lost in translation.”

Note to self: Must tweet like crazy on my next adventure 🙂

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The Game of Life

The Good News: BP finally managed to cap the well, which has been spewing oil nonstop into the Gulf of Mexico for the past 86 days.  It took teams of the nation’s top engineers to reach this point and many are relieved even though the fix is only temporary. 

The Bad News: BP foresaw its doom more than 30 years ago?  That’s what some bloggers are joking about after seeing images of the 1970s BP-endorsed board game, Offshore Oil Strike.  One of the “Hazard” cards that players can draw even says, “Blow-out!  Rig damaged.  Oil slick clean-up costs.  Pay $1 million.”  It’s as if BP knew the risks yet ignored all the signs…too bad their math was a bit off.

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Winos Rejoice!

Pennsylvania is home to many things: the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Eagles, Philly cheesesteaks, the Amish…the list goes on and on.  And onto that prestigious list, we can now add wine-dispensing vending machines.  Hallelujah.  What better to go with my 75-cent snack than a bottle of wine?  Clearly, the cheese-substitute found in Cheetos brings out the fruity notes in a glass of Riesling to perfection. 

Way to class up the joint, PA.


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