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Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

Oranges might not make the most menacing opponents on the field (better than the Cornhuskers), but you have to admit that little Otto here is absolutely adorable!  And even though it’s only been about five months since I last saw him and my beautiful alma mater, Syracuse University, I can’t wait to visit as an official alumna in less than two weeks.

My grand return is a bit sooner than I had planned for sure, but I couldn’t resist when some of my successors at KASA (Korean American Student Association) and ASIA (Asian Students in America) arranged for my travel expenses as part of a networking event during Homecoming.  Thanks for thinking of me, guys!

Admittedly, however, I’m somewhat nervous about how this whole networking event will go.  It’s not that I don’t have my own share of life lessons and tips when it comes to finding a job — these past few months have definitely taught me more than I’d ever expected — but will students care about what I have to say when I’m still just an intern myself?  And only a few months older than some of them at that?  I guess we’ll soon find out.


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Facebook From Beyond The Grave

I go on Facebook nearly everyday as do many of its other 500 million users.  But I never gave much thought to a sensitive issue that Facebook deals with on a daily basis — death.  What is Facebook — as both a fun-loving, social phenomenon as well as a serious, multi-billion dollar business — supposed to do with deceased user accounts? 

According to a recent New York Times article, Facebook used to simply delete such accounts, but after the Virginia Tech shooting, people wanted to keep these walls active to memorialize their loved ones forever in cyberspace. 

The problem is that Facebook’s flawed social algorithm, from time to time, suggests users reconnect with someone from beyond the grave — managing to creep people out or even offend them as they mourn.  And with more than 350,000 Facebook users for every Facebook employee, there seems to be no practical means of scanning profiles for deceased users as of yet. 

Regardless of this one flaw in the system, I must admit that I do find it all rather comforting.  In fact, I still look up a SU classmate that has since passed away and it’s heartwarming to read all of the messages and pictures people have posted and continue to post on her Facebook profile.  I’m sure her parents find encouragement in seeing that their daughter was well loved and will be dearly missed.  May she rest in peace.

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Let’s Go Orange!

Although the Syracuse Orange and their performance this past year in the NCAA Tournament is still a touchy subject, lo and behold one of our guys made it into the NBA afterall — number 4, Wes Johnson!  He’s joining my favorite player from the 2009 season, Jonny Flynn, on the Minnesota Timberwolves, according to The Daily Orange.  Can’t wait to see what these two can do on the court together.  Hopefully, it’s more than showing off their pearly whites.

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