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More Than Cheesesteaks

As promised, the mother+daughter summer adventure series continued with the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday.  I forgot how absolutely breathtaking this building is.  Literally.  Sprinting up the stairs in true Rocky form is not an easy feat, even for a 22-year-old, but it was worth it.  My mom got to see her Sunflowers and I got to make more memories with my mom — one of the few benefits of unemployment in my post-grad life.

For you out of towners, here’s an insider’s tip:  every first Sunday of the month is ‘pay what you wish’ day at the Museum.  Unfortunately, the special exhibition (currently featuring Renoir) is not part of the deal and cost us a pretty penny.

If you plan to hit up other Philly hotspots (i.e. the Philadelphia Zoo, Penn’s Landing, etc.), I would recommend taking the Philly Phlash.  It’s quick, easy and for only $2 a ride/$5 all day pass/$10 family pass, it’s the affordable way to see the city.

Best of luck with your own Philly adventure!

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Travel Tweets

I got so caught up in the social media windstorm about how tweets can be informative or great for customer relations that I completely forgot how utterly entertaining they can be as well.  Here are some of my favorites from CNN’s article, “25 Hilarious Travel Tweets.”

1. “Thanks TSA, I haven’t been touched like that since prom night.”

2. “Guy next to me on the plane woke up and is wiping the drool off his shirt.  Now may be a good time to tell him I drooled all over his shirt.”

3. “Overheard on Greyhound, mother to crying toddler: ‘Why are you crying? You want your Nintendo? You want some fries?’ Double sigh.”

4. “English translation of animal crackers at a Hong Kong supermarket: ‘Biscuit-shaped animals.’ Something got lost in translation.”

Note to self: Must tweet like crazy on my next adventure 🙂

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Summer Getaways

Ever since I came back home, I have been bored out of my mind.  And who can blame me?  I live in Bucks County, PA — literally the middle of nowhere. 

But according to Shermans Travel, Bucks County is one of their Top 10 Quick Summer Getaways.  WHAT?!  And it’s not even like Bucks County rounds out the list at #10.  It’s their third choice with Portugal and Bermuda coming in first and second respectively.  It even beat out locations in Iceland, California, and Chicago. 

I guess I need to explore my own backyard a little before I set my sights on New York City and working around the clock.

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Automatic ‘Awwww’ Response

Aren’t these platypus babies the cutest little things?  Just another reason for me to make a trip down to Australia someday and cross off one of my top bucket list items: visit all seven continents (so far, it’s four down, three to go).

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…Another Man’s Treasure

I always feel like I’m forgetting something when I travel; sometimes, I really do.  Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or a favorite hoodie, I’m sure we’ve all experienced leaving something behind by accident, especially when we’re in a rush at the airport.  Luckily for those savvy shoppers out there, one man’s misplaced baggage can become the bargain of a lifetime at the Unclaimed Baggage Center

Like its name suggests, the Unclaimed Baggage Center purchases cargo that people have left behind at airports and sells it — giving the store an interesting array of merchandise that changes day-to-day.  From designer clothes and shoes to toys and books, they sell practically anything you could think of, much like a thrift store.  Only instead of retro t-shirts with mystery stains, there’s top-of-the-line electronics like digital cameras and iPods.  And instead of floral blouses with shoulder pads that would make even Lady Gaga cringe, there’s fine jewelry and perfume.  How awesome does that sound?  The bargain shopper in me is dying to check this place out and dig for hours on end.   Too bad the one and only Unclaimed Baggage Center is all the way in Alabama.

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