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The New Frontier

I love my archaic flip phone — it’s sturdy, reliable and gets the job done — but that doesn’t mean I don’t have bouts of tech envy when I long for a smart phone to call my own. 

Usually, this happens when I’m lost in NYC and cursing my terrible sense of direction or when I’m bored on my commute; however, lately I’ve been wanting a smart phone so I can participate in social media platforms, especially Foursquare.

For those who’ve never heard of Foursquare, it’s basically an online application where users can “check in” and announce their location at any moment — allowing them to connect with friends nearby, receive great deals from participating companies and get a whole slew of suggestions of new places to see based on where they’ve checked in previously.

Foursquare seems to be the next big thing in the world of social media, and I hate that only people with smart phones can fully access and use it.  I’ve been telling myself that this trend will pass, that it’s totally for status hungry college students who just want to show off where they’ve been, but I guess I was wrong because someone respectable just checked into Foursquare from, wait for it, OUTER SPACE!

If a NASA-trained astronaut finds it important to check into Foursquare during a mission to the edge of the galaxy, I guess it’s time for me to invest the $30 a month for a data plan.


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The Rise and Fall of Google Wave

I didn’t even know what Google Wave was and now it’s already gone.  But that just seems to be the trend when it comes to Google and its social media ventures.  If only some of the more annoying Google applications would disappear too.  (Google Buzz.  Need I say more?)

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Double Word Score

I still want to play Scrabble — traditional or otherwise.

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Forever Young, I Want to be…Forever 21

Forever 21 recently unveiled its new billboard in Times Square, and it’s already creating quite a buzz.  That’s because this billboard is interactive.  With the help of high-tech spy camera technology, the ad features a model that not only shows off Forever 21 apparel on a humongous screen, but appears to pluck people straight off the ground and kiss them or stow them away in her bag as she skips off.  She also occasionally takes photos of the crowd and brandishes them on the billboard — giving even the common passerby his or her 15-seconds of fame. 

The billboard software can even detect the specific trademark yellow of the Forever 21 bag — making loyal customers all the more likely to be noticed by the model in her pursuits. 

And this is just the beginning.  Billy Jurewicz, founder and CEO of Space150 — the company that created the billboard for Forever 21 — expects better, more interactive versions in the future.  “The board now is like the iPod 1.0,” he said in an article for Fast Company.  “We’re going to be updating this more and more.”

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Vampire Overload

While I was reading the Daily Orange article that initiated the post below, I saw this ad for a new perfume.  Guess what it’s called?  Vampire.  Yeah, a small part of me just died too.

Can we chill a little with the vampire obsession, please?  I mean I can admit I was a huge “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan back in the day, but that’s no where in comparison to the vampire frenzy of 2010.  First, there’s the whole “Twilight” series.  Both the books and the movies are terrible.  If Stephenie Meyer used the word “ochre” to describe Edward’s eyes one more time, I might have burned that book in a satanic ritual for my sanity.  There’s also “True Blood” on HBO, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Moonlight” on the CW…the list goes on.  

To make matters worse, now claims that Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward (and Cedric Diggory from “Harry Potter,” remember that?), is ACTUALLY related to vampires.  Oy vey.  As if crazed fans needed the line between fact and fiction to be blurred further for their delusions.  When will the madness end?

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